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National park headquarters

Krasno 96, 53 274 Krasno 

Phone: 053 665 380
fax: 053 665 390
OIB: 24661445515
Bank account: HR6823400091110274779 PBZ

Headquarters working hours: Monday - Friday 07:00 - 15:00

Director`s office

Director– Irena Glavičić Sertić: 053 665 385

Velebit House

Krasno 92, 53 274

tel: 053 560 117 Info / souvenir shop
053 560 116 Office
Working hours: Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 16:00

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How to get here
By road

Velebit House is located at Krasno, near the main road.

From the inland direction, Krasno is most easily reached by motorway. You should take the Otočac exit and from here slowly ascend the paved, winding mountain road to Krasno, some 20 km long.

If driving from the coastal direction, you should leave the main coast road at Sveti Juraj, a small town about 10 km south of Senj. A 12 km ascent on a winding, mountain road will take you to the village and mountain pass Oltari (1018 m above sea level) and from here a mild descent of some ten kilometers will take you to Krasno and Velebit House.

Velebit House location

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