By removing barriers to movement and visual access, the whole of Velebit House has been generally adapted for Disabled people - Blind and Partially Sighted people, Hearing Impaired and Deaf people and people with Reduced Mobility.

The exhibits designed for blind people have been organised according to thematic ensembles, so that the exhibits are accompanied by a legend in Braille lettering that are placed on a precisely defined linear planes. The easiest way to navigate through the exhibits is via the tactile directional chart that has bullet points for each exhibit. On each floor there is an engraved floor plan that serves as a directional guide.

Some of the exhibits you can experience are the Velebit Rocks - original exhibits, models of life on the rocks and screes (the Balkan Snow Vole, the Velebit Lizard...), enlarged models of subterranean fauna, the ‘fur’ of three big Velebit beasts and lots more. Apart from tactile experience of Velebit House you can also experience the smells of grasslands and forests, and there are sounds that complement every single thematic item.

People with reduced mobility can access exhibits on all four floors because there is an elevator which makes all exhibits easily accessible.

Light signals or visual-light announcements for Deaf persons will inform of certain notices or warnings.

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