You can tour the Velebit House on your own or with expert guide - depending on time available. The guided tour lasts for at least one hour and must be announced in advance..

Idividual visiting

Without expert guide

Entrance fee: 6,00 €
Entrance fee with discount: 4,00 € - Children 6-18, students, person older than 60 years, disabled people i Homeland war veterans.
Family entrance fee (max. 2 adults and children up to 18 years): 14,00 €
Children up to six (6) years - free entrance.


WIth expert guide 

Entrance fee: 5,00 € / person.
Educator expert guide: 27,00 € (1 educator for max. 25 person)
Group is considered as the announced visitors by the touristic agency, association or legal body; or minimum 15 person that do not realise discount on any other basis and visit Velebit House as a group of people.

Educational programmes

With expert guide

Educator expert guide: 27,00 € per group
Expert guide price is the same for individual expert guide.
Little green workshop: 8,00 € per person
Entrance fee includes: one entrance ticket for Velebit House, multimedia presentation, expert guide and worksheets

The prices of tickets and services can be found in the file JUNPSV-Pricelist-EN.pdf

Mandatory announcement for groups is at least 7 (seven) days in advance

The minimum duration of the guided tour is 1 hour, and the maximum group size is 25 people. Group visits are possible only with the guidance of an educator. Due to the characteristics of the exhibition, the tour can be organized only in small groups of up to 25 people.

Groups are obliged to strictly adhere to the assigned date of the visit, and the announcement can be canceled no later than 24 hours before the announced visit. Payment for educational programs is managed in advance. Terms of cancellation and refund of advance payment:

Terms of cancellation and refund of advance payment:

• Cancellation up to three days before the visit - 100% advance refund

• Cancellation up to one day before the visit - refund of 50% advance

• Cancellation within 24 hours - refund of 0% advance

Note: If you do not announce your arrival, we are not obliged to provide the guide of an educator.

Featured programmes

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